Director General

Emmanuel Mkilia

Director General

Emmanuel Lameck Mkilia is a seasoned professional currently serving as the Director General of the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC). With an illustrious career spanning over 24 years, Mr. Mkilia has honed his expertise in law enforcement, holding diverse roles such as Academic Coordinator and Instructor at Tanzania Police School Moshi. Furthermore, he has contributed significantly to academia as a part-time lecturer at Dar es Salaam University School of Law, specializing in information technology in law enforcement, cyber-crime, and criminal investigation.

In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Mr. Mkilia has played a pivotal role at the Eastern and Southern Management Institute (ESAMI) as a part-time lecturer and trainer, focusing on e-crime investigation. He brings over five years of experience in managing ICT projects for the Tanzania Police Force and boasts more than a decade of expertise in police training and curriculum development.

Mr. Mkilia's research endeavors include serving as an assistant researcher on the challenges faced by private security companies in Tanzania and as an associate researcher on the impact evaluation of community policing in the region. His contributions to the field are showcased in his published chapter titled "Security Governance in East Africa: Pictures of Policing from the Ground."

Currently pursuing a Ph.D., Mr. Mkilia's research concentration lies in the management of cybersecurity risks and mobile banking usage. His academic achievements include a Master's in Public Administration from Mzumbe University and a Bachelor's degree in Education and Extension from Sokoine University. Additionally, he received specialized training in IT in Law Enforcement from the National Crime Record Bureau of India. Mr. Mkilia has continually invested in his professional development by attending various instructor development courses both domestically and internationally.