She or he is an individual an appointed by the data controller or data processor charged with ensuring compliance with the obligations provided for in the Act 2022. DPO in the organization is obligated to ensure handling of staff and customer personal data are in compliance with data protection. Act 2022.

A DPO is responsible for;

1: Educating a company's employee about data compliance.

2: Training members of staff who are involved in processing data, and

3: Monitoring compliance with the Commission.

4: Prepare Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) report

5: Cooperating with the personal data protection commission.

6: Risk-based approach; prepare and assess operation/project.

7: Record Keeping of Data Protection matters of the organization.

Note; Each organization should have one DPO, DPO can be either an Accounting Officer/Executive Director/Director General/Managing Director or any one who will operate onbehalf of the Institution.